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professional wedding photographer

Would you describe your wedding as “just ordinary?” We didn’t think so. So, are you okay with your photography being “just ordinary?” Should you entrust it to a part-timer or hobbyist using mediocre equipment? Don’t think so. Your photography should be a work of art that enhances all the special touches that make your wedding exclusively yours.
We don’t know how important your photography is to you, but it’s very important to us. So much so that we use our professional, high-end equipment to create exceptionally artistic photos; photos that portray the splendor of your wedding on a whole new level.
To make your life easier, our indoor studio has a large dressing room and eating areas (yes, you’re welcome to bring food for the whole gang). Our outdoor “studio” is like going to a botanical garden, but better. Take our virtual tour to see for yourself. It’s everything in one stop, but if you have your own special spots in mind, we’re happy to follow you anywhere.
Forever preserve your day, but do it artfully and without worry. How? Simply make us your photographer! Call us at 440-237-0008.


This year marks our 39th season in Northeast Ohio photographing weddings. I’m honored when I’m invited to photograph a daughter or son from a wedding that we did earlier in my career. For many of these valuable clients I’ve had the privilege of photographing their family as it’s grown in all of their important life moments. I feel like extended family. In my line of work, I only see clients in their best times. They’re always looking their best, hair & makeup perfect and at a special occasion in their life with their loved ones. The wedding and portrait business is always a happy business. That’s one of the reasons why I love this business and can’t believe I’ve been a wedding photographer so long.

Over 28 years ago, I built my North Royalton studio. I operated previously from several storefront locations. My dream vision was a place with both a state of the art camera room and outdoor settings at one location. Today, we have over a dozen different outdoor backgrounds built on over two acres. They include our lake and waterfall, manicured gardens, a beach, bridge, old fashioned tree swing, 3 different style gazebos, stonework, graffiti walls, curving paved walkways and a covered pavilion with weather protected backgrounds. Yes, it’s Cleveland and our weather can change at the drop of a hat.

The science of photography has certainly changed and keeps us learning. While this photographer would never want to go back to film, digital has affected the industry in challenging ways. I have to say that today’s coffee table style wedding albums are light years ahead of the old matted slip in albums of just a few years ago. Now the photographer works hand-in-hand with a talented graphic designer who takes the images, enhances them in Photoshop and designs them into unique album creations. Every book is designed in house just for the bride and groom’s taste. Once completed, it can be digitally cloned to make inexpensive copies for parents, grandparents and even bridesmaids.

Every one of my clients has a smart phone now. That’s why we’re exploring new ways to send wedding images to the bride and groom’s phone on their honeymoon in just a few days after the wedding. I really want my customers to be able to see their wedding images quickly after the wedding instead of weeks or even months later. Today, because of the internet our images can be viewed and ordered anywhere 24/7. We keep our clients’ wedding images on our website for 12 months to make sure everyone has an opportunity to see them and order their favorites.

I encourage our new clients to use all of the resources that we offer. Try out our facility for your engagement portrait. It’s a great way to sample your favorite backgrounds before your wedding day and get comfortable with your photographer at the same time. We can make Save-the-Dates for you from your engagement session or turn all of the images into a picture guest book for your wedding reception guests to sign.

We will never take short cuts in our client relationship. We don’t outsource our work or hire inexperienced staff. We don’t use consumer equipment. We aren’t “part-time” photographers. This is our livelihood, we live it every day, not just on the weekends. We don’t take chances with our clients’ images. Our imaging work is all done in house by experienced professionals who have decades of experience in this industry. My talented crew really cares about the quality that we deliver to our clients. I promise you that when you show your album to your family and friends you will hear, “it’s the most beautiful album I’ve ever seen”.

Best wishes with all the wedding plans and I wish you the happiest marriage.

Christopher Norris

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Before hiring your wedding photographer, you may want to . . .

1. Measure their experience not so much by the nice camera they have, but by the number of weddings they have photo¬graphed. We’re at 3,000 and counting.

2. Consider that, while you might think it’s a nice gesture for your photographer to meet you at Starbucks, the real reason for doing so may be because they aren’t exactly proud of their “basement studio.” We’re proud to meet you where we work.

3. Consider that it’s not just the camera that’s important. It’s a keen understanding of lighting, composition, background selection and posing techniques that turn technology into art. These skills can only come from years of experience. We’re at 39 years and counting.

4. Look elsewhere if a photographer shows you a sample album from multiple weddings. You are only being shown what they believe to be their best work. Ask to look at the actual albums that their clients received. We will show you the albums of several of our clients as well as samples from your wedding venue.

5. Make sure your photographer is from the area instead of an 800 number “studio.” If they’re not from here, how could they possibly know where the best spots are in the Cleveland area? We’ve been here long enough to know them all.

6. Consider whether you want someone who is still learning his profession photographing, of all things, your wedding. There are no do-overs, just plenty of regrets. We’re a sure thing.

7. Keep your distance from the “we do it all studios” (i.e. DJ, lighting, video, photobooth; in other words, Jack of all Trades, master of none). You’ll find these same studios searching on Craig’s List for unemployed freelancers to shoot, of all things, your wedding. To this we say, “Yikes!” And what happens if the freelancer gets the flu?

8. Thank your family friend for offering to shoot your wedding, and politely decline. They can’t possibly have any experience, and their “really good” digital camera with a $100.00 lens, is no match for our professional equipment that we have spent years investing in. And, what camera will they use as a back-up if something happens? Their cell phone?

9. Make sure your photographer has a back up plan for bad weather. Our studio features a spacious camera room with dozens of backgrounds as well as a covered pavilion outdoors so you’ll still have the wonderful images you want.

10. Consider that your relationship with your photographer should be a lasting one. Couples and family members make special requests and order albums or prints months, sometimes years after a wedding. We’ll be there for you to fulfill these requests. Yes, 39 years in the photography business is a long time. But really, who would you prefer? The surgeon with two knee replacements under his belt, or the surgeon who’s done thousands? We’re not old, we’re just really, really good. Like your parents before you, your wedding photographs will be a part of your legacy, a family treasure for future generations. Shouldn’t that legacy be much better than average?

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We’ve been in this business a long time and we get asked many of the same questions repeatedly. Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked.

1. Do you do engagement photos?
Answer: YES! As a wedding client, you are entitles to a complimentary engagement session using our studio or outdoor grounds. We can even create customized Save-the-Dates, Guest Book, Wishes Poster or an Engagement Album for you!

2. How soon should I hire my photographer and what’s involved?
Answer: You should consider hiring your photographer right after you secure your ceremony and reception venues and your wedding date is set. Popular warm weather wedding dates can book far in advance and tend to book up quickly. At our studio, a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is all that is required to lock in our services for your wedding date regardless of which coverage you need or the timing of your day. All that can be changed at any time before your wedding day.

3. Do you travel?
Answer: Yes, we have traveled to the Caribbean for weddings and throughout the US.

4. What time and where should my wedding coverage start?
Answer: We recommend you start your wedding coverage about an hour before you leave for your ceremony. Don’t forget have your flowers available at your preparation site for pictures too.

5. Where is the best place for excellent outdoor images to be taken?
Answer: If your wedding is near North Royalton then our studio and landscaped gardens would be the best place for sure! Ask for a tour and you’ll see why. We have over two acres of grounds and scenes that we have built over the last 29 years. We even have a covered pavilion in case of rain. You can also use our studio in case of inclement weather your wedding day. If your wedding is not close to our studio your wedding day, then we will discuss the best options with you in person.

6. How long should I have my photographer at the reception?
Answer: Unless you want late night dance floor candids, you don’t need your photographer there late. Most wedding reception activities are done earlier in the evening so after an hour or so of action candids your photographer is usually finished. For most weddings that is around 10:00pm. We would certainly stay longer is needed.

7. How will my photographer be dressed?
Answer: We dress professionally in a suit and tie to photograph formal events.

8. How soon after my wedding day will I receive my images?
Answer: Images will be ready to view within a few short days. We will have a slideshow of your wedding images ready to watch while on your honeymoon. We will also have a private online gallery for family and guests to view and order any images. When you are ready, you can set up a convenient time with our in-house graphic designer to create your wedding album. It will then take about two months to retouch, complete the design, print and bind the pages into your favorite album.

9. Do I have to purchase an album?
Answer: No, it’s your choice to purchase an album, prints or files.

10. What about parents’ albums?
Answer: At our studio you can order a smaller cloned version of your album for your parents. That way they have all your favorite images too. It makes a nice gift. The first clone is $300.00 and duplicates are only $150.00 each.

11. What payment methods are available?
Answer: We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, personal checks and we offer zero interest financing too. Just ask!

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Wedding Albums

The wedding is over. You’ve shared all of your images with family and friends. Now it’s time to design and order your wedding album as the permanent keepsake. Photography shouldn’t be just pixels. It should be tangible. Something tactile that you can touch and feel and hold in your hand. Something that can be shared with your children years from now. We are extremely proud of the albums we create for our clients and know that they will have their special day memorialized in an album that was created just for them.

Our albums range in price from $45 per page to $155 per page. At Christopher Norris there are no additional charges. All of our albums include your choice of cover material, the images, enhancement of album images and the graphic design. Albums come in a variety of sizes, colors and metals. Our Italian-made line of albums was originally developed to suit Italian high fashion needs, the Nappa leather album represents the idea of luxury itself, thanks to its smoothness and wide availability of colors. If you prefer a “vintage” look then our Distressed leathers may be perfect for you.
Water Drops metal albums By far, our most popular album cover choice is metal! The metal plate, which is the core of the cover, is available in both gold and silver, each of them can have a satin or polish finish. It can be personalized by printing your images directly on the material. Our best albums pages are water resistant which means that accidental spill can be wiped off without ruining the image. Our best albums do not have a split in the middle of the facing pages which allow the images to span facing pages and add a nice design element to the story. Our premium albums are made in Italy using a patented block binding system that allows pages to lay perfectly flat. The perfectly lay-flat opening allows a panoramic and detailed view of the whole spread, including the parts positioned over the seam. The result is a nearly cinematographic, captivating experience.

A well done album is not an album of a few favorite images of your wedding day, it tells a story. Each set of facing pages should be a chapter of the day; engineered logically and artfully to tell your story of what happened on your wedding day. At our studio, we believe half of our job as your photographer is to capture the “right” images the day of the wedding and in a fun and professional manner. The other half of our job is to show you how to use the images in your album. At our studio we sell our albums by the page. We encourage creativity in every design. We can use multiple images on a page or span the facing pages with a panorama shot. We don’t use templates like most photographers in the industry do. Our albums are designed from scratch by our in-house graphic designer, Denise. She will guide you through the design process and help you create an album that fits your wedding, your individual style and your budget. A typical design session with Denise takes about two hours to complete. You will see your album come together right before your eyes. It then takes us approximately two months to complete it for you.

Meet Jacqui & Patrick, one of our favorite couples from 2013. This is a preview of what their wedding album design looked like.

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Parents’ Albums
You can order cloned copies of your album in a variety of sizes to use as gifts for your parents and family. Because they are clones and all of the work was already done on your album, they are very inexpensive. Most of our clients order Parent Albums.

As always we are here to help. If you have any questions just ask us!

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Tyson and I would like to thank you very much for making our wedding day so memorable. The time and attention you gave us on our special day was ever so precious. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, elegant and detailed album. Everyone who looked at our album was amazed by its beauty. They have never seen anything like it. The album that we had designed will be treasured forever. I will always remember my special day because of you and your fine creative staff. I really enjoyed taking the photos at your studio. The scenery and pictures turned out perfect. I never thought I would of had so many people helping each picture master your thought. Words can’t explain how happy we are to have Christopher Norris as our photographer. Our bridal party was oh so impressed with your work as well. You captured every single important moment in every aspect. The compliments are endless. Thank you once again for capturing our precious memories, and to your wonderful staff who created beautiful save the date cards to our wedding album. Thank You. –Kimberly & Tyson Ware

We want to thank you for all the help from you personally as well as for such a beautiful job by our photographer. Our wedding pictures will help us remember the best day of our lives! We cannot thank you enough! –Brian & Jenny Cichra

I cannot tell you how many compliments we have gotten on our album since receiving it and how happy the members of my family were to receive the mini albums…it brought my Grandmother to tears on Christmas! The work you have done consistently amazes all our friends and family. In particular, the shots of our reception truly captured our party (especially the ones taken from laying on the dance floor in the center of a crowd)! We were so lucky to have you be a part our wedding day and I will always recommend you to brides-to-be. –Danielle Piazza

The photographs you took on our wedding day were breathtakingly gorgeous! Then we saw our wedding album and just loved it! Everything turned out beautiful and we cannot thank you enough for taking our memories and turning them into photojournalistic art! — Nick & Laura Mason

Thank you so much for all your hard work the day of our wedding. You took amazing pictures that we will cherish the rest of our lives. We enjoyed how much your interacted with our guests. — Erik & Crystal Chryst

I am writing to tell you how truly thrilled we are with our wedding album. I can only imagine how challenging it must be for photographers to work with a bridal party, including an often anxious bride and groom and their families and friends, many of whom are excited and occasionally uncooperative. But you showed professionalism and character in your patience and organization, and you managed to capture our special moments in beautiful detail. Thank you for giving us such beautiful memories which we will, forever, cherish. –Kristin & Chris

Thank you very much for all your help on our wedding day. We had a wonderful time and many great memories. Thanks again for everything, we will definitely recommend you to anyone that needs a photographer. –Melissa & Eric

Thank you so much for the beautiful photo album. We are so thrilled by the pics and how the album turned out. It’s terrific!! Thank you for your work and service, we are so pleased. –Molly & Nick

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Are you on Pinterest? We are! Follow us and stay inspired! We’ve got lots of great images to help you storyboard your big day! From cakes to flowers to venues…we’ve got it all. Come and take a look!
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We are so pleased that you are considering Christopher Norris Photographers for your wedding photography. Please read on for our thoughts on how the choices you make can effect this once in a lifetime decision.What are you signing up for?–the downside of wedding “packages”

After you learn that your wedding date is available, invariably your next question will be “How much are your wedding packages?” To us, the word “packages” implies a set collection of things that can’t be changed. However, over the years it has been our experience that couples end up wanting more than what they thought they would want, be it loose prints, a large canvas, or more images for their album. For this reason, we don’t sell ready-made albums with 30 sides or a certain number of images up front. We don’t think you should have to put your wedding memories into a “package” that may end up being to small (or too large). Also, we don’t think you should have to pay for your album up front. It’s not an up front item; it’s a customized, post-wedding item.

two things you’ll want to know before the wedding:

1. That your photographer will be fun, well organized, skilled, and most importantly, will be able to provide the creative
direction to enhance not only your wedding day experience, but your photography.

2. That you’ll get to see your images as quickly as possible after the wedding because you know the anticipation will be more than you can stand. Your images will be posted to our web site the first Wednesday after your wedding. We can even send a slideshow of wedding images to your iPhone or iPad just as quickly. And the excitement isn’t just yours. It is not uncommon for us to receive print orders via our web site while you’re still on your honeymoon.

before the wedding, besides love, all you need is:

The Wedding Coverage of your choice. That’s it. After the wedding, prints and albums can be ordered immediately or for years to come. Later, when you’re settled in and ready for us to help you design your album, whether it’s a week after your wedding or a year, Denise, our graphic designer, will work with you to create an album that fits your style. She’ll also recommend the best size for you and explain the options available for your cover. Your album will be custom made, not a stock item with a set number of pages. With 3,000 albums and counting under her belt, Denise will make sure that your album is, well, can you spell g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s?

2014 – 2015
Wedding Coverages

if you need our services for up to 12 hours . . .

You have the option of using our studio and grounds or location(s) of your choice. Two photographers will cover your ceremony and group photos and one photographer will cover the reception. You will receive our DVD Video Album of all the edited images. Your wedding images will be on our website for viewing and ordering for 12 months. The cost is $2896.00.

if you need our services for up to 10 hours . . .

You have the option of using our studio and grounds or location(s) of your choice. Two photographers will cover your ceremony and group photos and one photographer will cover the reception. You will receive our DVD Video Album of all the edited images. Your wedding images will be on our website for viewing and ordering for 12 months. The cost is $2396.00.

if you need our services for up to 8 hours . . .

You have the option of using our studio and grounds or location(s) of your choice. One photographer will cover the ceremony, groups and reception. You will receive our DVD Video Album of all the edited images. Your wedding images will be on our website for viewing and ordering for 12 months. The cost is $1896.00.

if you need our services for up to 6 hours . . .

This is the perfect option for a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon wedding. One photographer will cover the ceremony, groups and reception. You have the option of using our studio and grounds or location(s) of your choice depending on what works best with your wedding itinerary. Your wedding images will be on our website for viewing and ordering for 12 months. The cost is $1396.00

mini coverage . . .

This is the perfect option if you only need us for the ceremony or a short period of time. You have the option of using our studio and grounds or locations(s) of your choice. One photographer will cover what you deem to be most important during your 4 hours of time. The cost is $896.00.

studio only . . .

If you don’t have an interest in on-location coverage and but you still want exquisite outdoor or studio portraits, our 2 hour studio only coverage is the perfect choice. Feel free to bring your family, bridal party and special friends to the studio as well. The cost is $379.00.

what you can expect post-wedding . . .

We hope that you will memorialize your wedding day by purchasing a wedding album, but you are under no obligation to do so. Our minimum wedding album is 10 pages, which costs $450.00. Prints from our website start at $12.00. Parent’s albums are “clones” of your wedding album in a 6” x 8” size. The cost of the first parent album is $300.00. The second (and additional) parent albums are $150.00.

try us out with an engagement session . . .

We suggest scheduling a complimentary engagement session prior to your wedding. This is a wonderful way for you to discover our skills and get comfortable with your photographer. Please visit the engagement section of our website for samples and further information.

It’s always best if you come to the studio and meet with us in person prior to your wedding day. This gives you the opportunity to check out the facilities and meet the crew. If you are ready to take that initial step with us, please take a moment and fill out our wedding inquiry form so that we have all the important details about your big day! If you’re ready to jump in with both feet and would like to reserve your date, a $500.00 deposit is required with the balance due prior to the wedding. You can use this link to reserve our services. We gladly accept personal checks, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

thank you . . .

We are grateful that you took the time to learn about our wedding coverages. Please don’t hesitate to call 440-237-0038 if you have any questions. From all of us here at Christopher Norris Photographers, we wish you a wedding day full of unforgettable memories and a lifetime of happiness.

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