Wedding Photographers in Cleveland

Looking for a wedding photographer in Cleveland? Here are five you’ll want to check out.

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  1. Amy Galon Photography: She’s a wedding photographer in Cleveland that sells herself as a memory keeper, storyteller and creator of art. She sees photography as the return ticket in time because otherwise memory is lost. Amy thinks the best moments to capture in a wedding are the little things, a feeling, an unexpected laugh or the happy tears that are always present. The important thing for her is that when you see your wedding pictures, you go back to that special day through the little details. She has a wide experience, with more than a hundred weddings behind her. AGP is a service boutique studio that focuses on the experience of your wedding day, delivering at the end of it photographs that captured all of your couples moments in a way that shows your personality and love story. She has a second shooter available if necessary. She offers four types of photoshoots: boudoir, bridal portraits, engagement and “trash the dress”; and for photo and video styles: artistic, classic, documentary, dramatic, modern and vintage. She’s located in Northeast Ohio. Her phone number is 864-245-1336 and her email is See her website.
  2. Three & Eight: Three and Eight is a team of wedding photographers in Cleveland formed by a couple with four little girls that define themselves as your own personal paparazzi for the day; they love laughing and couples who laugh with them. Their main objective is to tell your love story through your pictures, as well as make you look and feel amazing. They blend photojournalism with fine-art photography. They want to provide you with images that you love, ones in which you feel identified with. They love taking creative pictures, and for that, they play with lights and colors. They offer engagement photoshoots, as well as classic, documentary and modern photo and video styles. Their contact email is See their website.
  3. One Red Door Photography: ORDP is a team of creative wedding photographers in Cleveland formed by Dustin, Melissa, Ky and Andrea. They define their experiences as personalized and friendly weddings. They believe that “photography takes an instant out of life by holding it still”. They offer several photo and video styles: artistic, classic, documentary, dramatic, lifestyle, modern and vintage. And as for photoshoots types, they offer bridal portraits and engagements. Contacting them is really easy, just fill the form you’ll find on their website:
  4. Prism Concepts Photography: They are a couple of wedding photographers in Cleveland whose dream is not only for you to love their pictures but for your family and future generations to enjoy the memories they were able to bring out through their vision and camera lens. They capture all the emotion from a cherished memory and preserve it eternally. They define their photography as artistry, vibrant, creative and emotional. They like to know the couple they will be photographing as individuals before the shoot so they can reflect their personality and vision in the photographs. They deem important to know their style and direction they want for the shoot, and any special instructions beforehand. They are located in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio and are ready to travel to a different destination. Their email is and their phone number is (330)518-9664. See their website.
  5. Cuff Link Media: CLM is a company of wedding photographers in Cleveland who are also videographers serving in Cleveland and in the general Northeast area, including Akron-Canton. Their focus is YOU. They believe every wedding is unique, and because of that, they want to provide an original and tailored approach to each celebration. They capture in photographs and videos your one-of-a-kind relationship, so you can enjoy your memories forever. They like to get to know you individually, as well as a couple, paying attention to your personalities and preferences before the shoot because they like to provide you with pictures that best suit you. As wedding activities, they offer getting engaged celebrations, rehearsals and parties, after-parties and weddings. As for photoshoot types, they have available boudoir, bridal portraits, day after session, engagements and “trash the dress”. And for photo and video styles: artistic, classic, documentary, dramatic, lifestyle and modern. You can find them at 4908 Van Epps Road, Brooklyn Heights, Ohio, or contact them via email: or their phone: (216)870-4513. See their website.

Wedding photoshoot ideas

Although you invested a lot of time in decorating for the marriage and choosing phrases of love for your wedding vows, finally, what is recorded are the photographs and hence the importance of capturing each moment of the celebration.

Among other records, it is customary for the bride and groom to set aside time to take photos in a particular place after the church ceremony is over and before arriving at the banquet. The idea is not to deviate too much from the path but to try to make it an environment previously chosen for its meaning.

Still don’t know where to go? Here you will find some wedding photoshoot ideas in different settings that may interest you.

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In Wild Nature

If you want your images to breathe nature, choose a flower terminal, a municipal park, a botanical garden or a hill where you can blend in with flowers, trees and vegetation. You will get anthology postcards, and with certainty, they will find one of these environments close to the place where they get married. If you have opted for a rustic celebration or a country wedding decoration, the fact that the photos are in an area with nature will be much more consistent with the wedding theme.

On the Beach

If you are getting married near the beach, you cannot miss the opportunity to take photos of the sand and the sea. Of course, you do not have to spoil your suits if you do not want to, since they can achieve equally beautiful wedding photography, such as walking barefoot hand in hand, drawing a heart in the sand or carrying his wife in his arms, among other options. As a result, you will get romantic photos and in a dream environment.

In the Heights

Another very romantic setting for the photo session is in the attic of a building or hotel with a privileged view of the city. You can blow bubbles or release some balloons to add a romantic touch to the images, besides -by the way- to toast from the heights with your wedding glasses specially decorated for the occasion. If you manage to take the photos at sunset, they will look like a movie!

In a Theater or Movie Theater

You will have the stage and the seats just for you, so you will have total freedom to create and incorporate elements such as three-dimensional lenses if you decide on the cinema. You can also use signs with beautiful love phrases as if it were a silent movie or include some props such as masks. The point is that they dare to innovate and get the most out of your location, especially if you are fans of art.

In the City

If you are lovers of the big city, then take advantage of the romance offered by different urban locations and choose to give your photos an air of spontaneity. You can pose contemplating the horizon from a viewpoint, hugging in the middle of a bridge or crossing a busy street, holding hands. You can also use a plaza, water fountain, historic building, old church, bus stop, underground parking lot or whatever you can think of that has an urban touch. The result will be modern and fascinating!

If you want to personalize every detail of your celebration, defining a meaningful place for the photos will be decisive. And that is how you carefully chose the engagement ring and hand-made the wedding curbs, printing a unique and special touch on the images will depend, to a large extent, on the environment you finally choose.

Wedding gifts for couples

The joy and happiness of receiving a wedding invitation can send you into a tail spin….the outfit, the planning, and the all- important wedding gift. The endless search for something unique and special, which you know the happy couple will love, can feel like a headache. The happy couple may be setting up a new home and although they may already have the basics, there are plenty more gift possibilities. Here’s a few of the best ideas around at the moment.

Top wedding gifts for couples

Home renovation credits

If you really want to wow a special couple in your life, one of the best gifts to give is a bathroom renovation package. A good way to do this is to head to your local hardware store or bathroom renovation shop and organize a decent gift card where the couple can go and shop for something that will give their home a lift. Rather than choosing the tap ware, tiles or toilet brand for them, let them do it themselves.

Herbs and plants

There’s something nice about a gift that you can use practically. A small collection of potted up different herbs can be fun for the kitchen (or garden), easy to keep, smell great and wonderful to use in cooking. With some attractive pots (wooden, metal, ceramic) it’s the gift that can make anyone smile. The alternative would be a money plant. Very easy to care for in any conditions and will last for years!


Depending on your price range you could splurge on some very simple but classy white cotton bedding. A favourite with everyone, there is nothing more indulgent than a beautiful bedding set. If you’re doubtful about their particular taste, a gift card towards their own choice would let them have the fun of picking something they’ll love. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, then how about a dish towel set?  There are some fun and funky or traditional, stylish ones around – you can even get them personalised!

Key holder board

A great idea is a key holder board. This can be hung by the door and can be personalised just for the couple. It’s practical but something people forget to buy for themselves. They come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Some also have letter slots and memo boards incorporated. With so many styles to pick from you can home in on the couples quirks and have them included.

Front door mat

This sounds a bit strange as a gift but in fact has lots of fun about it – a front door mat. Again a very practical present which will last for years. They can be handcrafted, modern or vintage – the range is epic! You could have it personalised with their surname and the wedding year and its the gift that is not only unique, but will keep them smiling every day that they use it.

A glassware set

There are some beautiful sets to be had with a mixture to suit all occasions. From a formal dinner party to family and friends casually dropping in. It’s a classic wedding gift choice as it never fails to please. Again this is a gift you can alter the size of to suit the couple.

Picking a wedding gift always feels like a tricky decision. Decide on something you know the couple will enjoy and add a personalised touch to make it extra special. Finding a present isn’t hard – the problem is you’ll be tempted to buy them for yourself!

Professional photography portraits

Portrait photography is the modern art of capturing the dominant character of a determined subject within a photograph in the most professional and stylish way possible, and while that sounds easy, portrait photography isn’t just clicking a button on a camera and taking photos, nope, it needs a lot of skill and some minor knowledge to understand the basics of lights, models and even the correct way of adding some backgrounds or editing aspects of the photo in order to create a masterpiece.

For that reason, you should check the next list of tips and recommendations that were given by professional photographers for those who want to start in this passionate adventure that can be used for professional reasons or even as a personal hobby, stay tuned to learn more about this modern art and passion.

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Tips on How to Take Professional Photography Portraits:

Tip #1: Be Respectful and Attached to the Main Subject of the Photography.

There’s nothing wrong on getting uncomfortable in front of a camera because the client may feel nervous or annoyed for the environment in which the portrait photography will be taken, for that reason, you should do your best efforts to interact in a friendly way with your subject or client before taking any photo, in this way, the customer will feel better, more comfortable with the procedure and even with the person who will be using the camera to take shots from different angles.

The best photography sessions will be the ones in which the customer and the photographer are connected before performing anything related to the procedure, try to talk about your style of doing things in your field, preferences and even abilities in your profession, with this, almost every client will feel better since the environment will be more energetic or friendly since he or she will know something about the one who will be using the camera which makes everything more comfortable for both individuals.

Tip #2: Location and Poses will be very Important.

Since portrait photography will be taken of people, you need to take some measures in common, first, the location of the portrait shoot since it will be truly important for the final product, and second, don’t forget about the pose of the subject, remember that poses are used to combine the effects of the environment’s lights and to create a better background in the portrait.

If we talk about the location, you should try to take photos in natural lights to obtain better results depending on the weather, time of the day and also of the changing environment of cities and places that can be filled with other objects like people, vehicles and even animals, just do your best and avoid shooting to direct sunlight and get a lovely natural glow.

Now, when it comes to poses like it has been said before you need to play with them to achieve better results with the previously mentioned background lightning and the environment in which the photo will be taken, to do this, you need to play with the camera angles and the lightning of the background. Don’t be afraid of trying in multiple times, make sure to tell to the subject that this procedure may take some extra time due to the different combinations of poses and angles that exist, just be friendly, professional and try to look happy, don’t be angry or bad-mannered toward the client or the photo will be worse.

Tip #3: Try to Play with the Emotions, Expressions, and the Background.

Emotions and expressions are important in portrait photography since they will be the principal characteristic of the subject and also, will be the main thing that will be watched in the photo, however, this isn’t something easy to do because there are endless emotions and facial expressions that can or can’t be used in a person depending on the different personalities and forms of the subject.

The most important thing to do is to avoid getting fake smiles and blank looks since this isn’t professional or good-looking at all, try to get a genuine sparkle in the eyes, a fantastic smile with a confident expression that turns everything to the favor of the subject, don’t try to hurry this procedure or the results will be pretty awful, this is by far the most important parts of portrait photos.

The reason why these expressions and emotions are important is for the fact that they will be used to match the background with the subject and the other elements like lightning. An interesting background will create a perfect effect in almost every single portrait photo, for that reason you should always try to help your subject in standing out of common photography and creating the best looking photo by applying the emotions, expressions, background lights, and other aspects to create the ultimate masterpiece. But you don’t need to be worried about not having the best background, since there are options like motion blur or just blur which will be perfect to add more emphasis on the subject.

Tip #4: Learn how to Use your Camera with the Right Lens.

Let’s be clear and honest, this type of photography isn’t something that you can master in a single day or week, you will need months of full practice to achieve the best results possibles with the artistic expressions and the other techniques that are required for this procedure, for that reason, maintain calmed and take your time, learn things that could be useful and most importantly, know your camera like if it was a part of your body. Invest in a good camera and lens to obtain better results on the field in comparison to regular cameras that could bring you only common photos that can’t be sold or good enough for portrait photography, also, spend some time in learning and taking shots to multiple objects to understand how everything works.

Finally, get a decent lens for your camera that can give you some customization to the photos and features of the environment, in this way you can play wit things like zoom, quality of the shots and even with sharp and detailed photos that can beat modern cameras without too much effort, it just a matter of practice, time and effort, try to aim for a DSLR camera to obtain better control over things that will be important for portrait photography, don’t go with the cheapest or budget-friendly options that exist, this isn’t something in which you can cheap out, this is quality time and your clients will show the importance of that after every session, good luck.