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Portrait photography is the modern art of capturing the dominant character of a determined subject within a photograph in the most professional and stylish way possible, and while that sounds easy, portrait photography isn’t just clicking a button on a camera and taking photos, nope, it needs a lot of skill and some minor knowledge to understand the basics of lights, models and even the correct way of adding some backgrounds or editing aspects of the photo in order to create a masterpiece.

For that reason, you should check the next list of tips and recommendations that were given by professional photographers for those who want to start in this passionate adventure that can be used for professional reasons or even as a personal hobby, stay tuned to learn more about this modern art and passion.

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Tips on How to Take Professional Photography Portraits:

Tip #1: Be Respectful and Attached to the Main Subject of the Photography.

There’s nothing wrong on getting uncomfortable in front of a camera because the client may feel nervous or annoyed for the environment in which the portrait photography will be taken, for that reason, you should do your best efforts to interact in a friendly way with your subject or client before taking any photo, in this way, the customer will feel better, more comfortable with the procedure and even with the person who will be using the camera to take shots from different angles.

The best photography sessions will be the ones in which the customer and the photographer are connected before performing anything related to the procedure, try to talk about your style of doing things in your field, preferences and even abilities in your profession, with this, almost every client will feel better since the environment will be more energetic or friendly since he or she will know something about the one who will be using the camera which makes everything more comfortable for both individuals.

Tip #2: Location and Poses will be very Important.

Since portrait photography will be taken of people, you need to take some measures in common, first, the location of the portrait shoot since it will be truly important for the final product, and second, don’t forget about the pose of the subject, remember that poses are used to combine the effects of the environment’s lights and to create a better background in the portrait.

If we talk about the location, you should try to take photos in natural lights to obtain better results depending on the weather, time of the day and also of the changing environment of cities and places that can be filled with other objects like people, vehicles and even animals, just do your best and avoid shooting to direct sunlight and get a lovely natural glow.

Now, when it comes to poses like it has been said before you need to play with them to achieve better results with the previously mentioned background lightning and the environment in which the photo will be taken, to do this, you need to play with the camera angles and the lightning of the background. Don’t be afraid of trying in multiple times, make sure to tell to the subject that this procedure may take some extra time due to the different combinations of poses and angles that exist, just be friendly, professional and try to look happy, don’t be angry or bad-mannered toward the client or the photo will be worse.

Tip #3: Try to Play with the Emotions, Expressions, and the Background.

Emotions and expressions are important in portrait photography since they will be the principal characteristic of the subject and also, will be the main thing that will be watched in the photo, however, this isn’t something easy to do because there are endless emotions and facial expressions that can or can’t be used in a person depending on the different personalities and forms of the subject.

The most important thing to do is to avoid getting fake smiles and blank looks since this isn’t professional or good-looking at all, try to get a genuine sparkle in the eyes, a fantastic smile with a confident expression that turns everything to the favor of the subject, don’t try to hurry this procedure or the results will be pretty awful, this is by far the most important parts of portrait photos.

The reason why these expressions and emotions are important is for the fact that they will be used to match the background with the subject and the other elements like lightning. An interesting background will create a perfect effect in almost every single portrait photo, for that reason you should always try to help your subject in standing out of common photography and creating the best looking photo by applying the emotions, expressions, background lights, and other aspects to create the ultimate masterpiece. But you don’t need to be worried about not having the best background, since there are options like motion blur or just blur which will be perfect to add more emphasis on the subject.

Tip #4: Learn how to Use your Camera with the Right Lens.

Let’s be clear and honest, this type of photography isn’t something that you can master in a single day or week, you will need months of full practice to achieve the best results possibles with the artistic expressions and the other techniques that are required for this procedure, for that reason, maintain calmed and take your time, learn things that could be useful and most importantly, know your camera like if it was a part of your body. Invest in a good camera and lens to obtain better results on the field in comparison to regular cameras that could bring you only common photos that can’t be sold or good enough for portrait photography, also, spend some time in learning and taking shots to multiple objects to understand how everything works.

Finally, get a decent lens for your camera that can give you some customization to the photos and features of the environment, in this way you can play wit things like zoom, quality of the shots and even with sharp and detailed photos that can beat modern cameras without too much effort, it just a matter of practice, time and effort, try to aim for a DSLR camera to obtain better control over things that will be important for portrait photography, don’t go with the cheapest or budget-friendly options that exist, this isn’t something in which you can cheap out, this is quality time and your clients will show the importance of that after every session, good luck.

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