Wedding photoshoot ideas

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Although you invested a lot of time in decorating for the marriage and choosing phrases of love for your wedding vows, finally, what is recorded are the photographs and hence the importance of capturing each moment of the celebration.

Among other records, it is customary for the bride and groom to set aside time to take photos in a particular place after the church ceremony is over and before arriving at the banquet. The idea is not to deviate too much from the path but to try to make it an environment previously chosen for its meaning.

Still don’t know where to go? Here you will find some wedding photoshoot ideas in different settings that may interest you.

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In Wild Nature

If you want your images to breathe nature, choose a flower terminal, a municipal park, a botanical garden or a hill where you can blend in with flowers, trees and vegetation. You will get anthology postcards, and with certainty, they will find one of these environments close to the place where they get married. If you have opted for a rustic celebration or a country wedding decoration, the fact that the photos are in an area with nature will be much more consistent with the wedding theme.

On the Beach

If you are getting married near the beach, you cannot miss the opportunity to take photos of the sand and the sea. Of course, you do not have to spoil your suits if you do not want to, since they can achieve equally beautiful wedding photography, such as walking barefoot hand in hand, drawing a heart in the sand or carrying his wife in his arms, among other options. As a result, you will get romantic photos and in a dream environment.

In the Heights

Another very romantic setting for the photo session is in the attic of a building or hotel with a privileged view of the city. You can blow bubbles or release some balloons to add a romantic touch to the images, besides -by the way- to toast from the heights with your wedding glasses specially decorated for the occasion. If you manage to take the photos at sunset, they will look like a movie!

In a Theater or Movie Theater

You will have the stage and the seats just for you, so you will have total freedom to create and incorporate elements such as three-dimensional lenses if you decide on the cinema. You can also use signs with beautiful love phrases as if it were a silent movie or include some props such as masks. The point is that they dare to innovate and get the most out of your location, especially if you are fans of art.

In the City

If you are lovers of the big city, then take advantage of the romance offered by different urban locations and choose to give your photos an air of spontaneity. You can pose contemplating the horizon from a viewpoint, hugging in the middle of a bridge or crossing a busy street, holding hands. You can also use a plaza, water fountain, historic building, old church, bus stop, underground parking lot or whatever you can think of that has an urban touch. The result will be modern and fascinating!

If you want to personalize every detail of your celebration, defining a meaningful place for the photos will be decisive. And that is how you carefully chose the engagement ring and hand-made the wedding curbs, printing a unique and special touch on the images will depend, to a large extent, on the environment you finally choose.

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